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The inaugural New Orleans Office 5-10-15 Year Recognition Luncheon was held Thursday, January 17th to honor employees who had reached between five to twenty years of experience with the company by the end of 2012. A series of Houston Office Recognition Luncheons for the same purpose are currently in progress.

5 Year Honorees:

New Orleans – 60
Houston – 35

10 Year Honorees:

10 Year Honorees

New Orleans – 14
Houston – 10

15 Year Honorees:

15 Year Honorees

New Orleans – 22

Houston – 6

We will celebrate nine new members of the “Twenty Year Club” in fall of 2013. They will join fifty-six of our employees who have been with the company twenty years or more; of these honorees, six have been with the firm over thirty-five years. We appreciate and celebrate the loyalty and service of all!