Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc.

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On Wednesday, October 9th, our annual Recognition Dinner was held at Ralph’s On The Park, honoring employees who have been with the firm for twenty or more consecutive years of service. Honored, but not pictured below, were Charles Walsh for his 30 years of service and Julie Bye for her 20 years of service.

35 Year Honorees - N.O. Office

Lyle Kuhlmann, Charles Nelson, Ken Nelson, Glenn Richoux, Pete Olivier, Arthur Smith, and Penny Larsen

30 Year Honorees - N.O. Office

Wayne Hingle, Steve Ducatel

25 Year Honorees - N.O. Office

Bobby Baker, Steve Prados and Jean Ferran

20 Year Honorees - N.O. Office

Tommy Deharde, Mark Milhet, Richard Snee, Mike Guthrie, Derrick Millet,  Pat McCurdy and Stan Millet

20 Year Honorees - Houston Office

Michael A. Murray (right)

On October 8th and 23rd, our annual 5/10/15 luncheons were held honoring employees who have been with the firm five to fifteen years. Department Managers and members of our Executive Committee gathered to celebrate with the honorees.

The ongoing success of Waldemar S. Nelson and Company is the result of the steadfast loyalty of these honorees, and we congratulate them and thank them for their ongoing efforts to assist in satisfiying the needs of our clients..

15 Year Honorees - N.O. Office

Dave Wilkinson, Matt Murphy and Steve Hebert

10 Year Honoree - N.O. Office

Bob Lovinggood

5 Year Honorees - N.O. Office

Steve Schmaltz, Patricia Kuhlmann, Justin Harris, Richard Chee, Lien Nguyen, Kirk Boudreaux, Brian DeJean, Britt Hinshaw and Paul Ory

 5/10/15 Year Honorees - Houston Office

Steve Stringer, Ken Korolyk, Rene Boan, Linda Thach,  Mike Griggs, Susan Garza and Slater Bass